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Soft drink

Soda: The history and popularity of our favorite drink

Soda is a popular drink that we have all had at one time or another. It is a drink that we often associate with parties, barbecues and other social occasions. But what exactly is soda, where does it come from and why is it so popular?

History of soft drinks

Soda originated in the late 18th century when carbon dioxide was first added to water to create a sparkling, refreshing drink. Initially, this drink was mainly used for medicinal purposes, as the fizzy drinks were believed to be good for digestion and upset stomach.

Nowadays, soda is not just a drink that we drink to quench our thirst. It has become an everyday drink that comes in many different flavors and forms. From cola and orange juice to energy drinks and sports drinks, there is something for everyone.

Soft drink popularity

Soda has become so popular because of its many different flavors and easy availability. There are many brands and variants available, so there is always a soft drink that suits your taste and needs. Moreover, soft drinks are often cheap and widely available, both in the supermarket and at gas stations, snack bars and catering establishments.

Health effects of soft drinks

While soda can be tasty and refreshing, there are also some health risks associated with it. Many soft drinks are high in sugar and calories, which can lead to obesity, tooth decay and other health problems. In addition, some soft drinks contain caffeine and other stimulants, which can lead to insomnia, nervousness, and other side effects.

Soft drink availability

Soft drinks are available at many different stores and catering establishments. For example, at "HUMAN Express Rotterdam Blaak" you can find a wide range of soft drinks. Whether you're looking for soft drinks in cans, bottles or packs, there's something for everyone.


Soda is a refreshing drink that has been popular all over the world for many years. It comes in many different flavors and forms and is readily available at many different stores and food outlets. Although there are some health risks associated with it, soda remains a popular drink among many people.

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