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Ernest van der Kwast books

Ernest van der Kwast is a Dutch writer known for his sensitive and humorous writing style. His books are loved by a wide audience and have won several awards. In this article we want to talk about Ernest van der Kwast books and what makes them so special.

One of the most famous books by Ernest van der Kwast is "Mama Tandoori". This book is based on his own life and tells the story of a Dutch-Indian family living in Rotterdam. It is a humorous and moving book that shows what it is like to grow up in a multicultural family.

Another book by Ernest van der Kwast that is worth reading is "De IJsmakers". This book is set in the Italian village of Castellamare, where the ice cream maker Giovanni Talamini makes the most delicious ice creams. When his son, Luca, decides to leave the village to try his luck elsewhere, the village falls into a deep sleep. The book is about the search for happiness and the strength of family ties.

In addition to these two books, Ernest van der Kwast has written more beautiful stories, such as "De Eerste Vrouw" and "De Kleenex Kronieken". What all his books have in common is that they are well written and touch on sensitive themes. Ernest van der Kwast knows like no other how to touch the reader and take him along in his stories.

If you are interested in Ernest van der Kwast books, they are easily available at bookstores or online. Whether you like humour, emotion or a combination of both, Ernest van der Kwast has something for everyone. His books are an absolute must for anyone who loves literature.

In short, Ernest van der Kwast is a special writer who knows how to touch many people with his books. Whether you're a fan of his work or have yet to discover it, his books are definitely worth reading.

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